This Incredible Story Of A Family That Went From 0 To 4 Kids In 24 Hours

October 24, 2017

Sometimes, life doesn't work out the way we plan. It can be rough, painful, and full of waiting. But life seems to always turn out better than we plan. It may not all come about how we think it will, but it will be wonderful, nonetheless, and full of surprises.

Meet Jeremy and Kaley Carling, the Utah couple who adopted not once, not twice, but four times. In just 24 hours the Carling's lives completely changed. She officially became "mom" to four beautiful daughters ages nine months to two years, though she had been functioning in the roll for several months.

In a recent interview with, Kaley said, "We had tried to conceive for a couple of years, however, due to my Lupus and RA, that road was proving to be extremely hard on my body. My husband and I decided to take a break from 'trying,' and to focus more on foster and/or adoption, something that had been a dream of mine since I was a teenager."

After two failed adoptions, the couple was devastated - until one magical day in August that changed their lives forever. They met two foster girls, Haven and Indie, whose mom was in prison, and they needed a home. Then they got a call from a birth mom who was pregnant with twins girls... zero to four in a matter of hours!


The twins were born in January, and the Carlings were there to meet their daughters. But a tense time followed during which one of the twins, Sunny, was in the NICU in Phoenix.

"It was extremely difficult to be in another state, missing Haven and Indie, with one newborn with us, and one in the NICU," Carling told "We couldn't take Wes to the NICU to see Sunny, so my husband and I spent the majority of our three to four weeks in Arizona, apart - one with Wes, the other with Sunny, then switch."

"We had worked hard for this family!" Carling said. Finally, they were all back together in Utah and functioning as a family of six.

"We were able to finalize the adoptions for all four girls on October 19th and October 20th. It was easily the best few days of our lives!" she told us, adding, "The judge commented that she's never seen so much love and support in her courtroom before."

Carling says, "Some days are incredibly difficult". "We've gone from two incomes to one, added FOUR more mouths to feed, and have significant debt from the private adoption for the twins, but our prayers were truly answered and our hearts are full. We are so happy to finally be a family."

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