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Tiny Foal Loves To Have Her Butt Scratched, When Her Owner Stops Scratching, Her Reaction Left The Internet In Stitches

August 22, 2017

It is no secret that pets desire our attention, more or less, 24 hours a day. Whether it is your loving dog or furry feline companion, your pet can turn into a straight up diva if you do not give them the attention they so rightly deserve. Our animals are prone to throwing tantrums when they are ignored and, it goes without saying, the bigger the animal, the bigger the tantrum. This was proven by a baby horse that wanted a bit more attention than her owner was willing to give and she made her displeasure quite clear.

One afternoon, a man took his daughter out to meet the newest addition to his farm. A new colt. The little horse was dark brown and very cute. She was also very playful and loved being around her owner. The new foal especially loved having her backside scratched by her owner and he was more than happy to oblige. Whenever the owner would stop scratching, however, the foal would simply back up until she bumped into him and he would have to start scratching again. The owner decided that he had had enough fun for one day and made his way back towards the house. Well, that didn't sit well with the colt at all.

The little horse followed her owner closely, thinking he would turn around and pet her again but the man just kept walking. The foal was very irritated at that point and went right up to her owner and gave him a swift kick in the rear. The owner spun around in surprise and the colt simply looked at him as if to say, "Did I say you could go!?" Not to worry though, since then the owner has trained the rambunxious little horse not to kick people but we are sure glad the camera was rolling for this one-time reaction. Watch the video below to see the tiny horse go full diva.

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