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Tragic Health Setback For Prince Philip As He Suffers Dreadful Fall, Resulting In Painful Injury, Complicating His Recovery From Hip Surgery

May 25, 2018

We all know Prince Philip’s reputation for “soldiering on” in the face of obstacles, but at 96 years of age you would think he would give himself a little slack. Nope. Not this guy. Now we are hearing about a tragic tumble the Duke of Edinburgh took just days before the wedding that threatened to keep him from his beloved grandson’s big day.

The elderly Prince Consort was taking a bath (he prefers them to showers) and stumbled and fell while washing. It was only days after giving up his crutches that he’d used since his early April hip replacement surgery. Insiders report that Philip has been pushing himself extremely hard during his rehabilitation so that his improvement would be sped up to accommodate the looming wedding date.

His fall resulted in at least one cracked rib and an apparent set of black eyes, that the Duke was sporting on the day of Harry and Meghan’s nuptials. Looking back at video of his comportment at the event, you would never know that he had suffered a serious injury only days before.

His pride seemed to have gotten the best of him and, even though he must have been in extreme pain, he refused to rely on even a walking stick to aid him as he made his way through the venue.

Viewers of the Royal wedding remarked that Queen Elizabeth’s husband seemed unexpectedly spry, strong, and happy throughout the day and was a far cry from what we were expecting to see only six short weeks after a major operation. One doctor, Carol Cooper spoke to the Sun and said what we all were thinking when she branded Prince Philip the “Iron Duke” saying “he took the British stiff upper lip to a ‘new level.’

She went on to say: “I take my hat off to him. He is clearly a very resolute gentleman who will not stop doing what he needs to do. Fractured ribs tend to be quite painful. It’s very rare for a fractured rib not to cause pain - even a tiny fracture. Because your ribs move when you breathe, every breath you take can be painful.”

Royal Family biographer Penny Junor described the Duke of Edinburgh's walk into St. George’s Chapel as “completely heroic” remarking that he didn’t even have a limp. Now we know he was battling much more than that - broken ribs and black eyes - making his appearance at the wedding even more astounding. Junor summed it up by saying, “Given that he is 96 years old and the operation was just six weeks ago, I think that shows what an extraordinary man he is.”

In light of all the Duke of Edinburgh has endured in the past few months our admiration for him couldn’t get any higher. We continue to wish him a speedy recovery from his latest misfortune and can’t wait to see him up and about after this latest setback.

To learn more about Prince Philip’s stouthearted actions, watch the video, below.

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