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Tragic Story Behind Baby Prince’s Name. Once You Hear It, You’ll Understand Why It Couldn’t Have Been Anything Else

April 27, 2018

After four days of waiting (It sure seemed a lot longer!), we finally received the welcomed news that we had been waiting to hear ever since the new little prince made his appearance on Monday morning. That’s right. The little guy’s name.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to have covered all the bases when they chose his three names, as each one pays homage to someone in the family’s past: Louis Arthur Charles.

Let’s start with his third name, “Charles.” That’s an easy one - after his grandpa, of course, the Prince of Wales and next King of England, Prince Charles.

In the second position is “Arthur” a name well-known by all who loved studying medieval times. You know - the knights of the round table and all that? (Photo credit: Wikipedia) That long and historic story will have to wait for another time, though.

That brings us to the little prince’s first name, right out there in front, the part of his name that he will be known by. It, too, was chosen in tribute to an important historical figure, but one whose tragic story still stings in the hearts of many of the current members of the Royal Family.

That person, of course, is Lord Louis Mountbatten, beloved great-uncle of Prince Charles. (Pictured below: Prince Charles with his uncle, Lord Mountbatten)

What do we know about this historical figure who hails from both sides of the family? He was the great-grandson of Queen Victoria and the great-uncle of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

He was also a highly-decorated war hero. According to Time, “Lord Mountbatten was a distinguished British Royal Navy officer who fought at sea in World War One and World War Two. He was captaining the destroyer flotilla H.M.S. Kelly when it was torpedoed off the German coast and then sunk by German dive bombers in 1941, killing half the crew. Lord Mountbatten also graced the cover of TIME magazine in 1942.”

But it was tragedy that defined Lord Mountbatten’s legacy, and he will always be remembered with both smiles and tears because of that.

“Lord Mountbatten died aged 79 when the IRA detonated a bomb on board his boat in August 1979. Three others died in the attack, including his 14-year-old grandson Nicholas Knatchbull.”

Prince Charles was hit particularly hard by his great-uncle’s death, as the elder gentleman had become somewhat of a mentor to Charles during the Prince of Wales’ turbulent years growing up. He always knew he could turn to “Uncle Louis” when he found it difficult to talk with his own father, Prince Philip.

The fact that the infant bears both names - Charles and Louis - makes the tribute all the more poignant. I’m sure Prince Charles hs shed a tear or two since the joyous announcement on Friday.

The name Louis has other significance to the Windsor family which you may have already noticed. In fact, Prince George, the newest prince’s older brother, also carries the name “Louis” as a middle name.

As does the infant's father, Prince William.

Despite the name’s royal significance, it was given odds of just 33/1 on Monday following the baby’s birth. So, if you were lucky enough to put a pound or two down on the name “Louis” you are smiling from ear-to-ear today!


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