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Two Pit Bulls Stroll Into Busy Hospital, And Nobody Seems To Know What To Do About It

January 17, 2018

It sounds like the beginning of a corny joke: “Two Pit Bulls walk into a hospital…” It was anything but a joke, however, when two self-confident and highly adventurous Pit Bulls sauntered into the lobby of St. Luke’s Hospital in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Here is their story:

Thanks to the convenience of automatic doors at the entrance, these trespassers are given unfettered access to the inner sanctum of this busy medical facility. Acting as if they own the place, the two buddies stroll right past the welcome desk and set out on what seems to be a well-planned journey.

Remembering their manners, they take a moment to greet two patrons who cross their path in the lobby. After a feeble attempt to steer the dogs out the front doors, the bystanders go about their business without any further interruption by four-legged patients.

Whether it is their final destination or simply a pit-stop on their ultimate journey, the doggy duo soon reach the hospital pharmacy. After taking a moment to evaluate just exactly what she is seeing, the Pharmacist takes off after the wayward canines. Evidently, at some point, she makes a quick call to hospital security and nervously awaits their arrival.

In a few minutes’ time, two officers are on the scene; they immediately approach the cornered canines. After putting the pups on leashes, the security team is able to gently lead the fugitives away from the busy pharmacy and into a nearby room. There, they give the dogs water and check on their well-being.

After pronouncing them healthy and in no danger, the security guards contact the police department who will be able to reunite the lost pups with their owners. Until then, the friendly Pits will be held in “protective custody” where they are sure to be safe and sound.

The dogs’ mom, Kathy Tamasi, was relieved and grateful when her beloved pets were returned to her. In a ‘thank you’ letter she later wrote to the hospital, she said, “Thank you Saint Luke’s staff for caring for my [two] escapees! I’m glad they had enough sense to hang out there!” We are, too!

To see the security footage of this excellent animal adventure, just click on the video, below.

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