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Meghan Markle’s Nephew Jumps To Meghan’s Defense After Her Family Exploit Her; His Words Leaving His Family Furious

December 06, 2018

For the last year, Meghan Markle became one of the popular individuals in the world. After her engagement to arguably the most eligible bachelor in the world, Prince Harry, her name covered tabloids and media outlets.

While most people instantly became fans of the soon-to-be Royal, Meghan had couple surprising enemies- one being her own sister- Samantha Markle.

For nearly a year, Samantha shared bitter and negative statements about her sister. From talking about Meghan manipulating Harry, the calling Meghan “Cruella de Vil” and airing false accusations from their childhood, Samantha has jumped at several opportunities to attack her sister.

Above the same calling and false storytelling, Samantha also influenced their father, Thomas Markle, to stage paparazzi photos before Harry and Meghan’s wedding as an attempt to gain sympathy. Following the staged images, Thomas allegedly had to have open-heart surgery days before the wedding and was unable to make it to his daughter’s wedding.

Over the last year, the only family member that Meghan has embraced has been her mother, Doria Ragland. In fact, Doria was the only family member to attend Meghan’s wedding.

Now, nearly one year after news of the engagement, another family member of Meghan is revealing more about the Royal. But this time, it’s positive! Tyler Dooley, the Duchess of Sussex’ nephew, is making waves for sharing more about his aunt!


Tyler is Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr.’s, son. In a recent interview with The Sun Online, Tyler revealed that his father and his Aunt Samantha have been an embarrassment to the family. Tyler added that his family was never close before, but “the fact that now the whole world gets to see how my father or Aunt Samantha behaves, it is like an open wound for everyone to see.”


He added, “It is hard to deal with. It is embarrassing and sad all at the same time. My father and Aunt Samantha have sold my grandfather out, sold my family out, sold Meghan out. It has been hard to deal with.”


While Tyler doesn’t communicate with his father or aunt, he always remains somewhat distant from Meghan. He shared that the last time he spoke to Meghan about three years ago, saying, “Meghan was closer in age to me and my brother than to her own siblings. We grew up having a normal American family and life.”


Regarding the lies that his Aunt Samantha has spread about Meghan, he shared, “Meghan has always been a hard worker. I know she focused on her passion and trying to make a name for herself. She was a young girl with big ambitions. She wanted to make history.”


Tyler concluded his interview with The Sun Online by saying, “I don't know exactly what has gone on but there are no justifications for Samantha's actions. You can't justify what any of them have done.” We have to agree with him- we hope the rest of Meghan’s family sees this and begins to show more respect rather than spread strife.

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