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Video Of An Adorable English Mastiff Puppy Running In Slow Motion Is Guaranteed To Turn Even Your Worst Day Around

February 28, 2018

When Dolly’s new family adopted the little English Mastiff, they didn’t realize just how quickly the little bundle of fur was going to steal their heart. She looks so cute with her loose skin and soft fur, that it’s not hard to see why she is so beloved. Of course, like any puppy, she is also extremely playful and sweet which only makes it easier to love her.

Watching her run is one of the most spectacular things around, with her floppy ears bouncing in the air as she scampers along and her gangly limbs always getting in the way. They could watch her run and play all day and never grow tired, but one day, they realized that they were missing out on one spectacular thing.

They decided that the best thing of all to do was to record Dolly running along in the yard, but they had to take it up a cuteness level! They recorded her in slow motion, creating what is certainly one of the cutest videos we have seen in weeks. How can anyone not love this rambunctious little pup?