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Violet Was Living in Squalor, Her Body Ravaged By Open Sores, And So Disfigured She Could Barely Stand. Then, Everything Changed

November 16, 2018

It was a sight no caring human being could bear to witness, yet these brave rescuers did, and because of their courageous actions, Violet and many other dogs are safe today.

According to the Humane Society, "Violet was discovered living in a makeshift tent, the last survivor of the dogs living outside on the property" in Louisiana when they discovered her.

Their hearts were broken when they realized just how poorly the pitiful pup was doing, and they had serious doubts about what her chances of recovery were since her condition was so far advanced.

The first thing the staff noticed was the severity of her skin condition; scaly patches of painful lesions had invaded her once-smooth skin. The disease had overrun her body with painful sores where the mange had run amok, free to do its evil work, unchecked.

While examining the sweet girl, they had a difficult time getting her to stand up, as her weakened condition prevented Violet from doing the simplest of tasks.

Violet's own toenail was embedded in her skin, which must have been causing her unbearable pain. The level of neglect that Violet endured was astonishing to the medics at The Humane Society, and they have seen a lot of horrors.

Although Violet was, by far, the one at most risk, there were other dogs that also needed to be delivered from their appalling predicaments. Not forgotten by the angels at the Humane Society, the team was back in a flash to rescue those left behind when Violet's emergency rescue had been the priority.

One look in the eyes of these precious pups, who most certainly thought they had been abandoned, once again, tells you just how grateful they were to see their human saviors walk back through the door.

Now, after the compassion and tenderness of the Humane Society staff have, once and for all, replaced the abuse and neglect these pups had lived with for so long, the door to a bright new life has opened up for them. Good health, new friends, and, best of all, a forever home for each and every one of them.

Never again having to endure the unspeakable atrocities that haunted their former lives, these beautiful creatures have been restored. They are now free to, for the first time in their lives, understand what it truly means to be a dog, and they can enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer.

Thank you to the Humane Society and to all the wonderful rescue organizations out there who, day in and day out, witness the most unspeakable acts that humans can commit against such helpless creatures. Without them, stories like Violet's would have a much different ending.

As one viewer commented so poignantly, after having watched the video depicting Violet's story:

“How do we as humans range in compassion so drastically? We have those that contain so little compassion, they allow animals like Violet to suffer! Then you have those with so much compassion, they give her love and care to turn her into the dog she is today. What makes us as humans differ so drastically?”

I guess that is the question for the ages, one I desperately hope we find an answer to...and soon. All I can say is "thank you, God," for giving these beautiful people a heart for animals and the dedication to make it their life’s work to alleviate the suffering of any living creature living in such contemptible conditions.

To see Violet's liberation, recovery, and transformation, watch the video, below.

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