Vocal Parrot Has Two Favorite Foods. Soon He Invents A New Word To Describe Them Both Which Leaves Everyone Laughing

September 21, 2017

Ok, let's face it, parrots are some of the most entertaining creatures on the planet. If you are anything like me, you have probably wasted a fair amount of time trying to get one of these ridiculous birds to have a conversation with you. Luckily for Einstein's parents, their bird has no issues with talking to anyone and everyone he meets, especially when it comes to talking about his favorite foods!

Einstein is aptly named because he is one clever parrot, to say the least. His parents make sure to keep him well-fed with a wide variety of healthy foods. Einstein seems to have two foods that he prefers above all the rest, and these are broccoli and corn. If you were to ask the parrot which of these two veggies is his favorite, however, you might just get a hilariously unique response.

Apparently, Einstein not only enjoys communicating with words he has learned, but he also enjoys inventing his own words! Case-in-point, when it comes to Einstein’s favorite veggie, the hilariously clever parrot cannot choose just one, so he has invented his own word to include both veggies. So, what is Einstein's favorite vegetable you ask? "Brocorn." Yes, that's right. Brocorn! Watch the video, below, to hear the inventive bird for yourself.

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