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Vocal Parrot Is Surrounded By Cats, What He Does Next Has The Felines Confused And The Internet Laughing

August 16, 2017

It is safe to say that parrots are some of the most entertaining animals on the planet. If you have spent any amount of time around one of these birds and you are anything like me, you probably spent that time trying to get the parrot to say a phrase or even just a single word. Parrots are known for not only mimicking words but, also, many noises that they hear around them. This can come in handy when the playful birds are looking to entertain people or make new friends, which is exactly what the cockatoo in this story wanted to do.

One night, a family cockatoo was let out of his cage to stretch his wings. The bird loved talking with anyone who would listen and desperately wanted to make some new friends that night. From his cage, the cockatoo had observed the family cats wandering around the house together every day and the bird thought that he would fit right in with the pack of felines. Apparently, no one told him that cats are more prone to chasing birds than they are to befriending them. So, brimming with confidence, the cockatoo made his way towards the cats he so desperately wanted to be friends with.

The cats stared in confusion as the strange bird approached them. The bird seemed to know that the cats weren't keen on welcoming him into the fold, so he quickly did the only thing he could think of. The cockatoo started meowing exactly like his feline counterparts. The bird thought that if he sounded like a cat, the cats would be more adept to befriend him. The cats, however, were more confused than ever by the meowing bird and were perfectly content with staying as far away as possible. I guess the bird will have to find another way to make friends with his kitty brothers and sisters. Watch the video below to see and hear the hilarious interaction.

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