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War Forced A Mother To Separate Her Infant Twins And Give Them Up For Adoption. 70 Years Later, They Meet For The First Time

October 26, 2017

In Kassel, Germany in 1946, a Polish mother gave birth to twin boys. Because the mother was not well enough to care for them herself, the two boys were taken into the care of the Polish Red Cross and placed up for adoption. Shortly thereafter, they were adopted - into different families. One-year-old George was adopted into a Polish family that stayed local and Lucian was adopted by a family living just outside of Poland. Sadly, the new mother was placed back into the Nazi Work Camp with no record of her ever having given birth.

The boys were taken in by wonderful families. As the years went by, both boys felt something missing from their lives. They were never able to put their finger on it, but they both had a deep yearning for something significant. George claims, “I always knew I was missing something, and I believed I had a twin brother because the loss felt so strong. But people thought I was out of my mind.” 

The brothers lived their lives, starting families and having careers of their own. While they were finding love in their daily lives, the yearning only grew stronger. When George was 17 years old, he learned that he was adopted but did not have any information about having a brother. Saddened by the news that his parents had been keeping a secret from him, George decided to get out of Poland - and made a bold move to California.

12 years later, Lucian received the news that he was adopted, including the information that he had a twin brother. For the first time in his life, Lucian felt at peace about his life. Can you imagine the weight that must have been lifted off of his shoulders when he was finally told the truth about something he had only ever wondered about? It gives me chills just thinking about it…

For the next several decades, Lucian tried to track down his twin brother through different sources. It proved to be an extremely difficult task because, during the war, the Polish Red Cross had undergone an attack and had lost thousands of documents. For that reason, nearly 30 years passed before Lucian learned any valuable information about his long-lost brother’s whereabouts.

Finally, after three decades, Lucian was finally able to make contact with his brother George. Lucian had learned that his brother was still alive and living in California. The two decided that a reunion was in order, so George flew back to Poland. When he landed on Polish soil, he could hardly contain his joy for the reunion that he would soon be having with his brother.

At one end of the airport, an emotionally-overwhelmed George makes his way toward the airport security checkpoint. At the other end, Lucian and his wife excitedly wait with huge bouquets of roses. Then, the moment they’d been waiting for, for 70 years, happens: they see each other.

What happens next can only be described as beautiful. The brothers embrace in a genuine hug, both crying heavily; they are overwhelmed with love, to say the very least. The hug, kiss, and hold each other - both sharing that they finally feel complete.

This story is rare; we are not always given the things that belong to us. For nearly 70 years, these two brothers went through life, missing the built-in companion that was created for them. Hearing their story and seeing their reunion and embrace, is truly heartwarming. Hug the ones you love - for every good thing is a gift.

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