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Veteran Joshua Was Separated From His Dogs And Worried They Would Not Remember Him. When They Reunited He Was Astonished By Their Reaction

August 16, 2017

Fighting in a war is not easy and often when veterans return home it is a hard adjustment back to civilian life. When Joshua returned from fighting in the Air Force he wasn't sure how to cope with everything he had seen and all of the emotions that come with being in a war. 

The first 7 months were the hardest for Joshua and brought him some extremely dark days. The two companions that were always there for him and helped him through the rough times were his dogs, Panda and Mama. Dogs don't judge and are just there for us no matter what! They often know that we need someone and stay by our side, when everyone else seems to desert us.  


In order to restart his life, Joshua needed to move to California and sadly was unable to take his dogs with him. The two dogs stayed in Louisiana, but Joshua never stopped thinking about them. Joshua said, "that every day he didn't have to walk a dog was a wrong day." 

After two months without them, Joshua was able to have them back with him. He was ready and so were his pups. He contacted the Animal Planet show Pit Bulls and Parolees and they arranged to bring Panda and Mama home to him in California. 

At first, Mariah, who brought the dogs to Joshua, was a little nervous as to how they would react. The two dogs had barely eaten since coming to her a few days earlier and you never know how animals are going to react to seeing someone they haven't in a while. Joshua was worried too. He worried that they may not remember him. 

When Joshua pulls up and gets out of his car it's obvious that he had nothing to worry about. Panda and Mama see him and immediately know that he is their dad! They wag their tails and run to greet him eagerly with kisses and snuggles. He notices that they have gotten a bit thin, pours them food and they happily gobble it up. 

Watch as Joshua reunites with his pack and just try not to cry tears of joy with this war veteran who has his family back. I, however, was unsuccessful at this. 

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