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What Does Your Toe Shape Say About Your Personality?

September 20, 2017

Some people believe that your foot shape can reveal a great deal about your personality traits and your overall character. Is your second toe longer than the others? Are all the toes uniformly aligned? Much to our great surprise, this chart seems to be fairly accurate in most cases. Check out the descriptions, below, to see if yours is spot on!

1. The Roman Foot

The first three toes are relatively similar in length while the other toes are smaller. People with this foot shape tend to be more outgoing, social, and charismatic. They love to interact with others and love to experience new things.

2. The Peasant Foot

All your toes are near equal in length. People with this foot shape are calmer in nature and are quite practical in decision-making. They are very reliable, deeming them the perfect candidate for friendship.

3. The Greek Foot

The second toe is the longest toe of all. This is one of the most common foot shapes. Individuals with this particular foot type tend to be more creative, artistic, athletic, and are natural-born leaders. They love to encourage and motivate others around them.

4. Egyptian Foot

All of your toes, from largest to smallest, form a straight, downward-angled line. People with this foot shape are said to be rather secretive people. They are often prone to more emotional mood swings.

It's amazing to see just how much our bodies can often align with personalities! After seeing the differences, which style most resembles yours? Check out the video, below, to see even more about specific traits for each foot type.

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