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What Started With One Dog Escalated To Hundreds! [VIDEO]

April 05, 2017

Some people are dog people and some people are REALLY dog people! When visiting a shelter many people wish that they could somehow save all of the dogs from a horrible fate. Well, this story is about a woman who has done just that for so many thankful dogs. 

 When Lya Battle of Costa Rica learned that a sick dog was going to be euthanized at the local shelter, she took him home. While Lya already had several rescue dogs at home, this was her first that was sick. 

Lya and her husband Alvaro continued to rescue several older and disabled strays. That number quickly grew to about 100! It was around that time that Battle was blessed with an inheritance- a 146-acre farm in the mountains that had belonged to her grandfather. 

Image Via Facebook

They moved there with all of their dogs and founded Territorio de Zaguates, which means "Land Of The Strays", a non-profit rescue and adoption organization. They now have several hundred dogs and have even had 900 at once. Lya and her husband do not take on this big job by themselves. They have many volunteers who work alongside them. Additionally, they both still work to help provide for the needs of the dogs. 

Image Via Facebook 

The once love starved dogs, now have attention and extra room to roam and run free! 

Image Via Facebook 

They can enjoy life and stop to smell the flowers! 

Image Via Facebook

They love to hang out with their friends and take group photos too! 

Image Via Facebook 

The number of dogs is constantly changing as all of the dogs are up for adoption and of course they want to find them a loving forever home! If you are ever in Costa Rica, you can check on their Facebook page or call them about the "dog hikes" that you can join them and the dogs on! Check out this short video and get a small taste of what a walk with the dogs is like!  

That would be such a fun place to volunteer and I totally want to go on one of those dog walks! Would you be up for a walk with hundreds of dogs in such a beautiful place? If you are interested in learning more about how you can help this awesome rescue and sanctuary or you want to learn more about adopting a doggie that needs a home, check out their Facebook page 

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