When A Film Crew Spotted Wilbur Running Loose, They Knew They Needed To Get Him Help

January 31, 2018

Movie sets and crews are often victims of bad reputations, whether they deserve it or not. One of the biggest stereotypes surrounding movie crews is that they are all selfish and mean, but one movie crew went above and beyond to prove that’s not true. When they laid eyes on a white Pit Bull-type dog who looked like he needed some help, they immediately called Hope For Paws rescue.

While they waited for Eldad and Loreta, two volunteers, to arrive, they kept an eye on Wilbur to make sure he didn’t get himself into any trouble. When the heroes arrived, Loreta approached Wilbur and offered him a cheeseburger. He was very happy to accept her wonderful offering and seemed to be thankful for the love that he knew she had in her heart.

As he ate the offered pieces of burger, Loreta began to offer him scratches. Wilbur began to show just how sweet and loving he could be as he loved the gentle contact. When Loreta pulled out a leash, he balked and began to walk away, only to be lured back with the promise of more scratches and cheeseburgers.

Eventually, Loreta was able to slip a leash around Wilbur without him being too panicked. As they began to lead him back to their car, the film crew was happy to see him go and offered him a loving send-off. Wilbur happily leaped into the front seat of the car with Loreta and spent the drive to the vet getting more love and attention than he had seen in quite a long time.

When they arrived at the vet, Wilbur got a bath to remove all the dirt and grime from his life on the streets, to give him a fresh start for his new life. When he was given a clean bill of health, he was placed in a wonderful foster home where he had the chance to receive all of the love he wants.

While Wilbur waits for his perfect forever home to show up, he spends his days learning his manners and playing with other dogs. One of his favorite things of all to do is going to the local park and romping through the grass with his rescuers, enjoying his new life. We’re sure that from here on out, he’ll be getting all of the love he needs.