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When Beachgoers Found A Lost Little Boy, They Decided To Help Him Find His Family In One Rather Unexpected Way

March 06, 2018

Is there anything more special than going to the beach with your family? Getting to feel the warm summer sun beat down on you while you dig your toes in the sand before taking a dip in the cool waves is one of the most amazing things in life. Unfortunately, that joy can be quickly stripped away when tragedy strikes.

When one little boy wandered away from his family on a Brazilian beach, fear quickly set in for his family and him. The little boy was too frightened to tell the people who found him where his parents were, and they knew they needed to help him without scaring him further. If they began to call out loudly, they knew the boy would only become more terrified and they certainly did not want that!

The other beachgoers began to clap loudly, and as more people caught on what was happening, they all clapped together. Eventually, the loud ruckus that it caused caught the attention of his parents who had been looking for him! Their reunion was full of love and joy, and it’s all thanks to the ingenious beachgoers who decided to clap and draw the family's attention.