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When Father Witnesses His Young Daughter Struggling To Accept Her Condition, He Decides To Undergo A Dramatic Transformation Himself

December 19, 2017

As a parent, nothing matters more than the safety of your children; their joys become your joys, and their fears, become your biggest obstacles.

When one Rhode Island man became a dad to a beautiful little girl, his life changed. He went from a rough-and-tumble grizzly bear of a man to a big old softy. He was overjoyed when he and his wife, Chelsea, welcomed their first daughter, and forever grateful when they added three more kids to their family.

Since becoming a father, Dave has loved outside of himself more than he had ever imagined. His firstborn daughter, Riley, has especially impacted his life.

You see, Riley has Alopecia, a hair loss condition that attacks your immune system. She is completely bald, and as a little girl, you can only imagine how insecure that could make her.

One night, Chelsea was with her children and she said, “I love Riley, I love Gavin, I love Grayson.” Riley looked at her mom and said, “What about yourself, Mom? Do you love yourself? ”Chelsea responded with, “Of course, I do! You always have to love yourself!” She then looked at her daughter and asked her the same thing, “Do you love yourself, Riley?”

Chelsea’s heart broke when she heard her daughter whisper, “No.” She looked at her daughter in disbelief and said: “Why not?” Riley’s reply was soft and sorrowful, “I don’t love myself because I don’t have hair.”

Riley began to cry. Chelsea brought her daughter into her bedroom, where Riley’s hero, her daddy, was sitting on the bed. Dave called his daughter over to the bed and asked her, “Why did you say that to Mommy? Did you really mean that or did you just say it?” Riley was embarrassed and lay on her daddy with a sad face.

Riley was so sad and embarrassed that she kept from saying anything. Her dad could read her face and said exactly what she needed to her, “You know Mommy and Daddy love you? That you are the most special girl in the whole wide world? We love you so much. You are so special. Don’t say things like that, you shouldn't say things like that - you are a very special girl.”

Knowing that his daughter was still distraught, he asked her one very special question. He looked at her while she looked down at her hands and said, “Do you want Daddy to shave his head?” Finally, there was a smile.

Right then, Dave jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom with Riley. He turned on his clippers and began shaving his head. He even let her shave parts of it! Riley watched her dad in amazement with the biggest smile.

Leave it to Dad to save the day! Riley is so special to have a dad like Dave, a dad who is showing her that beauty is all about what’s on the inside. You can watch the full video, below!