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When Grandmother Turns On The Radio, Tears Stream Down Her Face As She Hears The Lyrics To A Very Special Song

January 22, 2018

Music has a way of moving you down deep to your very core. It can lighten your mood with a couple of cheery beats or it can send tears streaming down your cheeks in a matter of seconds. When you hear “your song” you know the exact emotion that comes to mind.

A man named Travis Smith decided to bring some nostalgia back to his sweet grandmother in one of the most touching musical ways possible. Thirty years ago, his grandmother wrote a very moving song called “Fishing in the Sky.” It talked about what she imagined heaven to be. She talked about missing her father but didn’t wish for him to come back because she knew the splendor he is experiencing on the streets of gold. Her words are so eloquently written that you can picture every little detail in her description.

When she wrote the song, she recorded it on a cassette tape and, over the years, it was somewhat forgotten. Her grandson, Travis, discovered this song and worked up an incredible surprise for her. He had been recording music for quite some time and decided to give this song a try. He brought the finished product over to his grandmother and sat in great anticipation for her reaction. It was far better than he could have ever dreamt!

As soon as the music begins to play, her ears perk up. In his deep, country voice, Travis began to sing the beloved lyrics of the song. Her eyes grew wide in shock as great sentimental emotion washed over her face. As tears streamed down her cheeks, she sat listening to this beautiful rendition. Before long, she couldn’t resist the urge to join in and sing along with the song.

Travis posted the song on iTunes where it gained a great deal of traction, and for good reason! This is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt tributes we’ve seen in a long time. It’s songs like this that make you see just how one act of thoughtfulness can affect someone so deeply. Check out the video, below!

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