When Kate Middleton Married Into The Royal Family, She Had To Rethink Many Of Her Old Habits. The Oddest Request - Her Hands!

November 20, 2017

The royal family is easily one of the most fascinating social phenomena; for centuries, the Royals have remained in power over the entire nation. They are held to impossibly high standards since, after all, millions of eyes are watching them.

When Kate Middleton, a country girl, married Prince William on April 29, 2011, the world watched in great anticipation. From Alaska to Indonesia, people in every part of the world shared in the moment celebrating the wedding of Kate and Prince William. On that well-witnessed day, Kate went from your everyday country girl to “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.”

Since that moment, Kate’s life has been incredibly different. Before, she was driving her own car, unlocking her own doors, and making her own meals. She was a very ordinary woman. But now, after her royal wedding, she calls palaces home, flies on private jets, and sits in on meetings with world leaders. While her life sounds pretty awesome - and I’m sure it rocks most of the time - Kate has had to make some backward changes as well.

For instance, The Duchess isn't allowed to show any affection to her husband in public. Typically, the time following the wedding (known as ‘The Honeymoon Phase’) is characterized by the couple showing non-stop affection towards each other. But for Kate and William, they remain strictly professional. While this sounds contrary to what most newlyweds and young married couples do, this is completely normal for royals, for they are to remain professional in every circumstance.

Another odd requirement, perhaps the oddest of them all, Kate was asked to consider her manicure. That’s right, her hands. The queen herself had requested that Kate’s appearance remain simple and delicate, A.K.A. no nail polish. In a spread in Marie Claire UK, it was said that the Royals are never to appear “garish” or cheap, ostentatious, or gaudy.

Kate, being the respectful granddaughter-in-law that she is, politely responded to her new grandmother’s request; since her wedding, she’s gone without color on her nails. While she shies away from bold holiday colors and pastels, she will occasionally wear a soft blush pink. After all, The Queen herself has notably worn the same soft pink color for the last 30 years.

While being a Royal sounds like a day spent in complete glitz and glam, Kate is doing her part to remain soft-spoken, classic, and respectful. Let us know your take on the what we’re deeming “The Royal Manicure.”

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