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When Police Received Word About A Downed Plane In The Ocean, They Never Expected What They Found

May 01, 2018

When the Alameda County Fire Department received a phone call around 12:39 pm on Sunday, April 29, about what someone believed to be a downed aircraft floating off of the coast of Emeryville, they immediately sent two boats to investigate.


The downed plane was reported to be floating near the famous San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and when firefighters reached the area, they were not expecting what they found.

Floating in the ocean was an unoccupied yellow submarine! They towed the abandoned submarine to the Emeryville Marina, and shared photos of their catch for all to see.


Marine scientist Shanee Stopnitzky claimed the submarine as belonging to the Community Submersibles Project. The submarine in question, “Fang Tooth” had been reported stolen by them, and it appears that someone had stolen the sub.


The Fang Tooth is designed to travel 30 feet deep into the ocean, and can provide it’s two passengers with up to 30 minutes of air.

Unfortunately, Stopnitzky now has to raise $2,000 to free the Fang Tooth from it’s impound jail. In the end though, it appears that she considers this a small price to pay for the return of their ship.

After the submarine was recovered, Stopnitzky stated that she was merely glad that the thief had not died in the submarine, because while the Fang Tooth is a rather simple submarine, it does still require a captain who has knowledge of how to operate a submarine.

This is a horrible story, and we know that sometimes we need a reminder of the good in the world at a time like this, so be sure to check out the video below!