When You See How Cute This Rare Breed Is, They'll Steal Your Heart

October 12, 2017

One of the rarest dog breeds in the world today is the Austrian Pinscher. These magnificent dogs were bred to live on a farm, defending it from foes of all sizes - from people to mice! This superb dog was almost lost as a casualty of World War I, but thanks to the dedication of one man, this breed survives to this day. The Austrian Pinscher is, in fact, the only Austrian breed that was not bred to be true hunters!

The Austrian Pinscher is an amazing dog with not only a great personality, but some of the best looks around! That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to find photos of this rare breed, and we’ve brought you the Top Ten Austrian Pinschers.

1. This sweet Austrian Pinscher who loves to go on long walks in the rain

2. This gorgeous Austrian Pinscher who is always on alert

3. This sweet boy named Simba who loves his owner with all his heart

4. These alert Austrian Pinschers who adore hanging out by the ocean every chance they get

5. This adventurer who loves to explore the deep forests whenever he can

6. This stunning Austrian Pinscher who loves nothing more than playing in the Fall leaves

7. This magnificent pup who has the most striking colors!

8. This good-looking Austrian Pinscher who loves to relax with his owner at the river, their toes in the sand

9. This huggable Austrian Pinscher pup who looks like he’d be your best friend

10. This friendly Austrian Pinscher who just wants to play Fetch in the snow

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