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Huddled On Top Of Trash Bag To Stay Warm, Whiskey Was About To Perish In The Bitter Cold - Until One Couple Decided This Pup Would Survive...No Matter What

October 05, 2018

I can’t imagine what thoughts ran through their mind when they came upon the pitiful sight. On a cold January day with temperatures in the teens and wind chill factor in the single digits, the young couple had every reason to continue on with their plans for the day. As they passed the pile of trash on the side of the road, they were stunned when they noticed it moving!

When they got closer, they realized that it was not just a pile of trash after all! There was a living, breathing dog sitting on top of the black plastic bag. It didn’t take long for them to figure out that he was sitting atop the black bag in a desperate attempt to get warm from the heat absorbed from the sun.

At first, the couple figured the pup must belong to a nearby farm and had just temporarily escaped his home. They were sure that the owners would notice he was missing and come to get him any minute. After having reassured themselves that the canine would be fine, they went on with their planned tour of the nearby distillery.

When they emerged from the building at the end of the tour, they were shocked to see that the dog was still there! In fact, he hadn’t moved an inch! Now they were concerned. While it may have been tempting to hop into their warm car and set out for home, they just could not face the notion of the poor pup freezing to death in the cold.

They moved toward the ice-cold canine, not at all sure he wouldn’t run away out of fear. On the contrary! He quickly came up to Catherine’s outstretched hand and his tail began to wag as they petted him.

The couple had no trouble convincing him to come with them to their car and soon all three were on their way to the nearby KHS (Kentucky Humane Society) shelter. “He was super-sweet and wanted to cuddle right on our laps!”

The young pup had no microchip, no tags, no collar, and was not neutered, so KHS had no way of knowing if Whiskey had been abandoned or was simply lost. Either way, it was clear that they would need to move forward with other plans for this sweet pup.

After only nine days in the shelter, the perfect family for Whiskey walked through the door. In that time, Whiskey had been fed well, given love and attention, and was definitely back to his old self. He was ready to take the big step toward a new, meaningful life.

Now, with his new life as a beloved member of a family of four young boys, Whiskey was sure to have a future full of lots of “rough-and-tumble” play times, snuggles coming from every direction, and lots and lots of love.

Never again would he have to worry about wandering the lonely streets alone or starving or freezing to death in the frigid winter. He now has a forever home with his forever family and could finally start living the life he was always meant to have.

To see more of Whiskey's story, just watch the sweet video, below.

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