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Beloved Royal Family Member Dies At Windsor, Leaving Queen Elizabeth Heartbroken And Needing Your Prayers

October 26, 2018

It is a tragic day at Buckingham Palace as Queen Elizabeth says her final goodbyes.

Queen Elizabeth is mourning the loss of one of her most cherished companions: Whisper, the Corgi. Whisper was the last remaining Corgi in the Queen’s family of over 30 Corgis. Queen Elizabeth adopted Whisper from a former staffer as her own corgis began passing.

This is a tough loss of Queen Elizabeth whose love for her dogs is well-known. She has never felt like they were dogs, but more like they are family. In losing Whisper, Queen Elizabeth feels like she is losing a genuine family member. 

Queen Elizabeth has been a Corgi lover since the time she was a little girl. In her lifetime, she has had over 30 Corgis. Her love for Corgis was well-known and she often had more than two at any given time. Sadly, the Queen has stopped breeding Corgis for her companions because she did not want to leave any behind once she passed. Her Corgis indeed marked an era. 

Willow, the last official Corgi of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, was special for many reasons. She was the 14th generation from her very first Corgi, Susan. Susan was gifted to Queen Elizabeth when he was 18 years old as a birthday gift. From then on, the Queen continued to breed Corgis from that same bloodline and almost explicitly Corgis.

Whisper had been adopted by Queen after her former staffer, Bill Fenwick, had passed in 2016. Swearing to never own another Corgi, she couldn’t help but adopted sweet Whisper and love him as one of her own. Whisper was a source of strength and companionship when Her Majesty lost Willow in April 2018.

Queen Elizabeth and her Corgis had a special relationship- one that was known by the world. While Whisper was her last Corgi, she did stop owning dogs entirely. As an avid animal lover, she couldn’t part with dogs completely, so she started cross-breeding Corgis with Dachshunds and created the “Dorgi.”

Whisper had a special place in the Queen’s heart as they shared what the Queen has planned to be “the end of an era.” The loss of Whisper is not merely the loss of a pet, but the end of so much more. Do you believe dogs are family?

Her Majesty’s two Dorgis, Vulcan and Candy, will remain by her side until her last day. This truly is the end of an era.


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