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Royal Bad Blood? Royal Insider Reveals The Truth Between Harry And Meghan’s Split From William And Kate, And The Facts Undeniable

April 10, 2019

It was only a matter of time…

At least- that’s what insiders are saying about Prince William and Prince Harry’s recent split.

In March 2019, Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle, officially split from William and Kate. The couples broke up their joint “court” at Kensington Palace by creating two separate offices. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge remain at Kensington while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved out of London to Windsor Castle’s Frogmore Cottage.

Harry and Meghan’s move caused quite a stir amongst royal watchers as they believed Harry and Meghan’s address change confirmed the speculated drama. And when Harry and Meghan got their social media platforms, rumors of drama escalated even more.

But while royal watchers believe that there is strife between the couples and brothers, a palace courtier assures fans that “It [William and Harry’s closeness] was only going to work until they married.” The courtier goes on to tell PEOPLE that the brothers would always part, but that “it went on a while longer than perhaps was originally thought” as Harry married much later.

The brothers have very different- and have always had very different- roles. William, 36, has been preparing to be the future king, while Harry, 34, has had a more relaxed expectation as the second in line. Right now, Will is prepping to be King and raising his family of five while Harry is still in his first year of marriage and preparing to be first-time fatherhood.

PEOPLE states that “longtime palace staffers had the ‘homogeneous idea’ of the two princes working in tandem. However, it’s now clear that with the additions of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle — and their growing families — a united foursome wasn’t feasible.” The public also shared this idea.

The royal brothers have indeed relied on each other through their unique experiences of being Royalty in the public eye and navigating the tragic death of their adored mother, Princess Diana. But now, they each have their own families- and responsibilities- to tend to. While this might be sad to some, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is drama or tension, rather the brothers are navigating a “new normal.”

Although, it can be difficult to imagine a life where William and Harry are living such separate lives. On royal household source shared, “It’s a shame. There was power in that unity and great strength in the foursome, but I see why it is happening. There is always that tension: trying to do the PR thing and then realizing that they are just real people. They want their own place and their own things.”

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