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The Queen Reportedly Never Flies Without These 6 Things, And For Good Reason

March 06, 2018

When you’re the Queen of England, travel is as common as anything else. Over the last 63 years, Her Majesty has become quite the jet-setter. Here are the six things she can’t travel without!

1- Her corgis. From the very beginning, H.R.H. has been a devote corgi lover. She’s owned more than 30 of the precious breed since she was a little girl. Queen Elizabeth quite enjoys the company of her pups so it only makes sense to take them around the world with her!

2- A remedy for jet lag. Jumping from timezone to timezone can get tiring, literally. If you’ve traveled once in your life, you’ve probably experienced jet lag to some degree. The Queen lives in a constant state of jet lag so it’s no wonder that she’s mastered the struggle of acclimating. Her secret? Sugar barely! She’s always got some sugar barely candy on hand! According to Business Insider, Dr. Nick Knight shares that sugar barely uses her body's sugar metabolic pathways to help adjust her body clock.

3- A thoughtful wardrobe. The Queen travels will a wardrobe for every occasion! She might go from a public event to a private funeral and her travel is never to get in the way of her royal presence.

4- Her blood. Okay… we were pretty confused by this one, but it’s actually quite understandable. Her Majesty's doctor travels alongside her and he’s always prepped with a full medical bag. If the Queen ever finds herself in a country where the blood is questionable, she’ll be okay!

5- A kettle with her initials. What can we say, the Brits love their tea!

6- A warm compress for sleeping. You’ve probably heard rumors about the Queen’s sleeping habits. Well, this one is true! The Queen, like many of us, love a good night’s sleep. That’s why she carries some sort of warm compress with her; she sticks it between her sheets so that she doesn’t go to sleep chilled. That sounds pretty genius to us!

All of those things sound like necessities if you ask me! Especially the corgis! If I could fly everywhere with my dog, you can bet I’d do it! What about you? Below is a video at one of her latest events, London Fashion Week!


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