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Woman Selflessly Risked Her Very Life To Save A Terrified Dog Trapped On The Freeway

February 20, 2018

Marie and her family were driving down the freeway just going about their busy day when she was presented with a chance to become a hero. As they were cruising down the road, Marie spotted a frightened dog on the inside of the freeway.

The terrified dog was crouched down low, hugging the middle divider in its fear. It was trying desperately to stay out of the way of the cars flying by. Marie knew that the dog was in desperate need of help, and if it didn’t get any, it could easily end up hit by a vehicle.

Marie jumped out of the car as soon as it rolled to a stop, grabbing a leash she had lying around. She stood watch impatiently by the side of the road, waiting for a break in the traffic to make her dash across the road. When the break finally came, she walked quickly, being careful not to spook the terrified dog even more.

Once she reached the inside median of the freeway, the dog was scared of her and scampered out of the way, unsure. As vehicles sped by, Marie crouched down and tried to lure the big dog over to her, hoping that he would not become scared enough to race off into the road.

Luckily, the dog quickly warmed up to her and approached her, hoping that she would save him from the horrible place he had found himself trapped in. Marie slipped the leash around his head and realized that if she tried to run across the road with him like that, she ran the risk of things going horribly wrong if he got spooked and tried to run away. She struggled to pick up the huge dog

When another break in the traffic came along, she ran across the road with him in her arms. When they finally reached safety on the other side of the busy road, she set him down gently, and led him to her car. Thanks to Marie’s willingness to risk it all, this scared pup was able to find his way home, safe and sound!