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Woman Was Heartbroken When She Couldn’t Find Her Engagement Ring. Little Did She Know 13 Years Later It Would Turn Up In The Most Unpredictable Place

August 17, 2017

Mary Grams was heartbroken when she realized that she had somehow misplaced her beloved engagement ring. It was a cool September day in 2004 when she was outside doing some gardening. She looked down and heartbreakingly discovered that her ring was missing from her finger.

She tells Global News, “I went to the garden for something and I saw this long weed. For some reason, I picked it up and it must have caught on something and pulled the ring off.” She went on to say that she searched and searched, crawling on her hands and knees all over the garden in attempt to locate it but tragically came up short.


She went back on the days following, combing over the entire area but still was unable to  find her long lost ring. She came to terms with the fact that it was gone forever and went to the local jewelry store and purchased a small replacement. Thankfully, her husband didn’t notice the ring swap and she was able to keep her loss a secret.

Thirteen years later, she received a telephone call that changed everything. Her daughter-in-law asked if she had lost an engagement ring. She told her yes, wondering her reason for asking. Her daughter-in-law immediately began to laugh.


She proceeded to tell her that while they were gardening, they uprooted a carrot. In the middle of the carrot was a gold engagement ring- the one Mary had misplaced years before!

“It just doesn’t seem real!” Mary said. “Inside it just makes me kind of happy.” While her husband is no longer alive, she now has the precious treasure of a ring purchased with love back on her finger where it always belonged. Check out the video below to watch the whole story!

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