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Woman Who Shot Boyfriend For Fame Finally Receives Sentencing

March 16, 2018

Monalisa Perez has been sentenced to six months in prison for fatally shooting her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, in a failed attempt at internet fame. Ruiz and Perez had a YouTube channel where they featured videos of pranks and their daily lives, but Ruiz decided it was time to take it up a level and try for true internet fame with a new prank.

Ruiz convinced Perez to shoot at him, while he held a 1.5-inch thick book in front of his chest. He showed her another book that had no exit hole as proof that it would work for him, and after some convincing, she decided to go along with it. Unfortunately, the stunt would prove fatal to Ruiz, who died on the scene.

Perez, now a single mother, was sentenced to six months behind bars. As part of the plea deal she worked out with prosecutors, she is being allowed to serve her sentence in ten-day increments over a three year period, and the final three months can be served under house arrest. She is then to be placed on probation for 10 years, can no longer own a firearm, and can not make money off of the case.

This is a horrible story, and we know that sometimes we need a reminder of the good in the world after a horrible time like this, so check out the video below!