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World Famous Country Artist Opens Up About The Pain Of Tragically Losing His 19-Year-Old Son

February 28, 2018

It’s never easy to cope with the loss of a loved one. As a parent, the most unbearable heartache they can ever face is the untimely death of a child. They are your flesh and blood, what your world revolves around, day in and day out.

Famous country music artist and Army veteran, Craig Morgan, knows the pain of losing a child far too soon. He and his wife, Karen, tragically lost their 19-year-old son, Jerry, two years ago in a horrific boating accident.

A statement from their local police department said, “They Humphreys County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department recovered his body this evening after a search that began on Sunday following a boating accident on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee. A 2016 graduate of Dickson County High School, Jerry planned to play football for Marshall University in the fall.”

Two years after his passing, Craig and Karen have come forward to talk about this tragedy that haunts them every single day.

“When we lost Jerry, I didn’t go to the guitar. I went to the shop…For me, my therapy was to go cut wood,” Craig told PEOPLE in a recent interview.

His wife went on to say, “I think we, as a family, hope that the viewers get the essence of faith and that you can do it, you can pull yourself together and make something good for the world.”

Jerry was remembered by his friends and family as being caring, the life of the party, and a wonderfully beautiful soul. They do their best in every aspect of life to keep Jerry’s memory alive.

Though this unforeseen devastation has broken many hearts, it’s brought them together as a family. They have turned this tragedy into a platform to support athletes with learning disabilities. Jerry had dyslexia, which affected his schoolwork a great deal. Since his passing, they’ve made it their mission to help those in the same shoes as he.

Though they’ll never get over the death of their precious son, they’ve learned how to cope with his passing with admirable grace and dignity. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and those families in similar situations.


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