Wounded Deer Was Unwilling To Walk, What Happened Minutes Later Left Rescuer In Tears

August 08, 2017

If you grew up in a place like I did, you have probably seen your fair share of deer roaming around. No matter many I saw over the years, I never lost my sense of awe when I saw them. Unfortunately, there are times when deer get into dangerous situations like car collisions, which is exactly what happened to the deer in this story.

The deer was, fortunately, seen by passing cars, moments after the accident. Tow cars pulled over on the side of the road to protect the deer from any further injury. One of the people immediately called animal services to come and help in any way they could. A kind man named Simon with Animal Aid showed up in no time to inspect the situation.

Simon approached the deer cautiously, so as not to scare it, and within minutes he deduced that the deer was not severely hurt. There were two or three wounds on the deer's head but no broken bones, which was a good thing. The deer was obviously shaken by the accident but Simon decided to take her to the shelter to get stitched up. Simon had to work quickly because he did not want the deer to get "capture myopathy."

Simon, after some effort, got the deer into the back of his car. He put a blanket over the deer's eyes so that the animal would not panic while on the road. Simon then drove as quickly as he could to the Animal Aid shelter and, with the help of his veterinarian, Emma, transferred the deer into a holding pen where they could stitch up her wounds.

It did not take long for Emma to sew the wounds up and, after giving the deer a pain killer, Simon put the deer back in his car to take her back to the woods. Simon did not want to waste time in getting the deer back where it belonged because the more time the animal spent away from the woods the less likely it would be that it would survive.

Once Simon and Emma arrived back at the accident site, they carried the deer out into the woods and placed it, gently, on the ground. The deer, however, did not want to move. Simon knew that the deer was still rattled from its accident so he tried helping the deer stand and walk. The deer did not seem to have the will to stand on its own and Simon was concerned that the animal had given up. Simon picked the deer up, one last time, and moved it further into the woods. He spoke encouraging words to the deer as he helped it stand one more time.

Then the deer started to take its first steps on its own. After a moment or two the deer, finally, trotted off in the direction of its home. Simon teared up at the sight of the deer that would not give up. He knew he had done the right thing and he had been rewarded in the best way possible. Watch the video below to see the entire rescue and the emotional ending!

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