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Zara Tindall Breaks Her Usual Silence And Finally Admits The Truth In A Rare, Unbridled Interview

March 08, 2019

Zara Phillips Tindall is one of the lesser-known members of the British Royal Family.

She is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, and Mark Phillips. She is the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, so she knows all the ins and outs of royal living.

Unlike her cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry, she does not have a royal title. Being one of the Queen’s first grandchildren, one would automatically assume that she would certainly be considered a Princess, but there’s one specific reason for that not being the case.

Upon her birth, Princess Anne was given the opportunity to bestow a royal title upon her daughter from Queen Elizabeth herself, but she inevitably declined.

Her hope was that her children, though heavily and closely connected with the royal way of life, would have the opportunity to have a bit more normalcy in their lives. This was a luxury Anne never got to experience.

As an adult, Zara has maintained her privacy (for the most part) and often steers clear of the media and the eye of the public if necessary. Recently, she and her husband, Mike Tindall, chose to forego their usual privacy and face the public for a rare interview.

The two sat down and talked candidly about rugby, which is a subject very near and dear to Mike’s heart. Zara chimed in as well, adding in that if the Queen were to be on a rugby team, she would definitely be a captain that would “hold a quiet authority and give a couple of key bullet points with a glance of an eye.”

Upon hearing that detailed statement about the eye glance, the interviewer was inclined to put Zara on the spot by asking her if she’d ever personally received “that look” from the Queen.

“I always get the good look,” she said happily, making sure to note that the Queen rarely ever had to give her the bad look. She then continued, “We are okay. I think we are alright. Probably when we were much younger, but not recently, definitely not.”

While many watchers of the interview had hoped for some really nitty, gritty personal details about Queen Elizabeth from one of her more quiet family members, they were still thrilled to hear her granddaughter talk about her with such love and respect.

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