Curtis Was Found In An Abandoned Burning House, Now He's Found His Perfect Forever Home

August 11, 2017

When the Michigan Humane Society received a call from the Detroit Fire Department about a pit bull, they dispatched Rescue Driver Chris Ouwerkerk to the scene. When he arrived he found Curtis sitting outside of a burning house, the brown and white pit bull sat there quietly watching him.

Chris saw that the poor dog was covered in overspray from the fire hoses. He was also suffering from smoke inhalation. While he was breathing, he was really struggling to breathe. Although he hadn’t suffered any burns, the smoke inhalation was serious enough that they estimated he had about a 50% chance to survive. He was also having a hard time keeping his balance.

Thankfully, Curtis suffered no permanent side effects from what he’d endured. When Daniel Majka heard about this loving and sweet dog, he knew they were meant for each other. Curtis will never again have to worry about food or the elements now that he has his forever home.

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